Guild Leader - Isaac

Guild Leader Isaac

HEMA is Isaac's primary and first martial art. Training for his personal benefit to continue his mission in guiding those he instructs and to do so in the best way he knows how. Combining personal training, HIIT style elements, dietary planning, and endless support for the Scholars, Isaac continues to grow adapt and lead.

Preceptor Zack

Preceptor Zack

Studying other Eastern martial arts prior to training ranked members at the Guild Academy, Preceptor Zack leads the South Branch of the Guild Academy in Colorado Springs.

Guild Leader Aindreas


For the past five years, Aindreas lead the Guild Academy and continues his journey through HEMA. Beginning his study of HEMA eight years prior to founding The Guild Academy he has spent half of his life in the pursuit of this martial art in varying forms. The challenges of HEMA and supporting the academy in it's efforts is one of his highest functions.

The Guild Scroll

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