How long is this course?

Seven weeks of training and study utilizing Fiore D'ei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum for ages 13+. The eighth week is the Practicum. Please call ahead to schedule your journey at 720.532.2916.

What's the purpose?

This course is designed to instruct the basic building blocks of Italian tradition long sword fencing granting the stable base for long term continued fencing within HEMA.

Do I need gear?

The Guild Academy has it's own equipment that is used as class gear. We recommend you obtain your own equipment in the first four months of training (fencing helmet, training sword, and gauntlets). Find a full list here.

What is a Practicum?

Your first sparring match with each of your fellow new sword fighters. This earns your place as a Scholar (ranked member) within The Guild Academy. Each match is 90 seconds in length. Score is kept to guide Scholars in a constructive direction.

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The Guild Scroll

Use this form to contact the Guild Academy to schedule a lesson, ask questions, and more. You'll see a response within 24 hours. We appreciate all input and do our best to respond to our ranked members, and potential ranked members.