First year ranked members that have completed the New Sword fighter course. Their focus is primarily Fiore D'ei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum. This rank explores Abrazare (grappling), Dagger, Gioco Largo and Stretto (wide & close plays) and continues to hone their form and execution.

Free Scholar

Second year ranked members studying the German tradition beginning with Johannes Liechtenauer's Die Zettel. They have passed the Free Scholar Exam and have their own equipment. They utilize a steel long sword in all aspects of this undertaking.


Third years that have passed the Free Scholar Exam. Requires the knowledge of the aforementioned documents in a variety of different expressions. Maven's specialize in the German or Italian tradition and begin to look at combining their knowledge of the appropriate sources.

The Journeyed

An additional title available at six months and after passing an exam. These members travel to tournaments, tend to focus on competitive fencing, and proliferate the Guild Academy at events/festivals/demonstrations. The Journeyed train with steel weapons, working from all sources instead of one tradition.



Preceptors guide the ranked members and have a much more intense and rigurous training martially, and a deeper understanding of the operations of the Guild Academy. Their knowledge base encompasses 14th-17th century sources that are applicable to the Guild Academy.

Further your training; deepen your story


Long/Demi/Short or Tank

The Guild Scroll

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