Our Story
The Guild Academy solidified in 2011 and was born from The Rogues Guild (hence the 'Guild' in Guild Academy). The Rogues Guild studied a variety of different arts. From bowyers, chefs, adventurers, trackers, wilderness survival experts, and people on the fringe of activity; somewhere between our century and the centuries long since past. A subset of The Rogues Guild began to train the prototype of a curriculum regarding a smattering of historic sources held together loosely. From this flawed hybrid system, Aindreas focused and coordinated the future curriculum into the Italian and German traditions (styles being expressed by the individuals) parsing sources into manageable, cohesive blocks removing the hybridization.

After mixing a variety of sources that did not mesh well with a lack of resources and knowledge combined with sharp (mixed) weapons the Guild Academy had it's first year of training. Over the following two years the curriculum and sources were honed, identified, and studied late at night by lantern light. In the midst of those two years prior to the founding of the Guild Academy Aindreas discovered HEMAA, WMA, and SCA. HEMAA had the widest variety of individuals and the most promise for continued training.

On January 18th, 2013 the Guild Academy was officialized. Documents for a sole proprietorship were filed, trade names were registered, the crest was designed, and training the first Scholars began. Training took place with broom and mop handles. Then they began to train with Cold Steel blunts (some still are in use!). Finally they began using Pentti Type III Federschwerts and for the last two years they have been utilizing steel training swords (blunted this time).

By 2015 the Guild Academy had doubled their Scholars and South Branch was formalized in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Guild Academy also left it's humble beginnings in Progress Park and established the guildhall (Main Branch in Denver, Colorado) training takes place in today. By the end of 2016 the Guild Academy had quadrupled in size and North Branch in Loveland, Colorado was formalized. Beginning

Our mission is to proliferate historic European martial arts utilizing 14th-18th century sources. We engage the general public and create a penchant for this martial art in those that may not even be aware of it's existence. To develop a community of focused, dedicated, and passionate ranked members and enhance their well being. We set an example through the scrutiny of our training, the rigorous exams we have developed, and are leaders in our own right.

The ranked members are community minded first and interested in each and every group of individual study nationally and internationally. To this end, we have dedicated our resources to visiting groups around the nation to learn from them, share knowledge with them, and enhance the community found in historic European martial arts.

The ranked members and the extant community are of paramount significance and we are but humble Scholars.Beginning

Training Locations
The Guild Academy began in Progress Park and now has four distinct, official locations where we train our ranked members.

The Guildhall (Main Branch/HQ) | 1221 Pecos St. Unit B Denver, CO 80204
Our headquarters is in Denver at the guildhall. The guildhall is where we have our daily operations, host our training sessions, hold tournaments and free sparring nights. Guild Leader Aindreas and Guild Second Isaac share duties at this location.

South Branch | 3737 Airport Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80910
Located in the South of Colorado Springs, South Branch was established in 2015 and there is a host of ranked members there also. Preceptor Zack is the resident instructor and guides their training in the various traditions that The Guild Academy offers.

North Branch | Loveland, CO
Guild Second Preceptor Isaac is in charge of North Branch. Beginning during 2016 the ranked members from North Branch have made headway in community projects within the Guild Academy and regularly visit the guildhall.

High Plains | 605 S. Greeley HWY Cheyenne, WY
Established in 2017, half a mile from downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming boasts a large training area and available bunks for weekend visitors. High Plains: Branch is run by Guild Leader Aindreas with aid from Scholar Jynell. We host training sessions, hold tournaments and free sparring nights at this location as well.

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