The Guild Academy, after nearly six years, will no longer operate actively effective immediately.
The academy’s mission no longer supports the purpose or intent. It is time for the academy to close.

We will honor and fulfill prior obligations from the academy. Current members will finish their purchases (one, three, or six months) and are encouraged to join us in the new effort afterwards. If you have located this website via a marketing campaign please send an email to, call 720.532.2916 or utilize the form found at the bottom of this page and, time will be set aside to fulfill that purchase.

Our fellow guild members, we entreat you to continue attending our offered coursework, train earnestly alongside each individual and, help realize our new efforts. Together we trained, competed, and developed memories that are irreplaceable; let us not end this practice. Please find a letter from Aindreas via the PDF link available HERE and at the end of these words.

To those that helped create, aided in the dream, and have supported us, you have our unending and never forgotten sincerest appreciation and gratitude.

A letter from Aindreas.
*Current members joining us for the future, may see our new website for the Colorado Frontier Fighters by clicking on that name for information.

The Guild Scroll

Use this form to contact the Guild Academy to schedule a lesson, ask questions, and more. You'll see a response within 24 hours. We appreciate all input and do our best to respond to our ranked members, and potential ranked members.